A mixed bag of influences on HE

Just a small selection of influences that caught my attention over this last month or so… mix these all together and I’m not sure what you get…

*Even though not directly impacting on HE, there are implications implicit in this latest from the Department of Education:
‘All vocational qualifications to be judged against strict new rules’  Read more

*HEFCE response to BIS technical consultation
Following the higher education White Paper in June 2011, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) published a technical consultation on a new, fit-for-purpose regulatory framework for higher education.
HEFCE’s response to this consultation and an accompanying commentary are available on their site.

*’27 universities and colleges seek to cut fees after government moves goalposts’
It’s been revealed that 27 universities and colleges have applied to reduce their fee levels after the government changed the rules over student places.

 *HEFCE update on Bids for ‘margin places’news of outcome anticipated in Jan/Feb next year 

‘FE Colleges forced to bid to win back places’
To quote from this Times Higher Education article:
“In its original proposals, Hefce suggested that colleges it directly funded – and which were charging tuition fees of less than £6,000 – would not face the 9 per cent cut in places being applied to universities to create the 20,000-strong pool.  However, Hefce changed its plans following a recent consultation with the sector – although FE institutions’ first 50 higher education places will escape the cull.”

 *Impact on teacher training for FE: ‘£20k bursaries for schools; nothing for FE’  Read more

*Open Access
‘JISC welcomes the UK Open Access Implementation Group’s (OAIG) reports and new repositories resource pack released today.  The Benefits to the Private Sector of Open Access to Higher Education and Scholarly Research report and the Open Access Fees Report, show the outcomes of research into the benefits of open access to commercial companies and findings from a consultation on the practicalities of paying for open access publication….’
View JISC’s work on open access 
Find out more about JISC Collections

*Using Facebook for recruitment
Though a story from the United States, this is worth taking account of [I picked this up via the Linkedin HE Teaching and Learning Group discussion]

*UnionLearn launches Dyslexia awareness campaign
The implications of this run in different directions….
‘A survey of union learning reps found that a lack of understanding of dyslexia is widespread in the workplace. However, two-thirds of those surveyed said that their employer was prepared to make adjustments for workers with dyslexia.’ Read more


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