The BIG lottery fund launches a new programme

With a bit of imagination… there’s lots to aim for as  ‘The BIG lottery fund launches The Millenium Now programme’
Applications must fit into one of the five project types:

  • Helping disadvantaged families to be healthy and live well; 
  • Helping different generations to share their skills with each other;
  • Getting communities volunteering to address environmental issues;
  • Bringing communities together to tackle local issues; and
  • Helping disadvantaged young people to learn new career-based skills. 
    The programme will make five grants, one under each project type, of between £1,500,000 and £2,000,000 for projects running over two years.

About intouchwithhe

Keeping in touch with HE: for HE in FE / HE staff. Oriented towards: *Staff Development - esp. relating to teaching, learning and scholarship. *Supporting student transition to HE level study and their engagement / progression. *Policy updates that have impact on the sector. *Links to partners and partner activities (like the Higher Education Academy)
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