More Autumn fruits (resources etc)

*A really juicy resource for the Autumn is the latest e Assessment newsletter, of the e Assessment association.  There’s loads to pick up on here.  I’ve made some choice selections (below – with big thanks to the newsletter team, particularly Kenji, the editor), but do browse for yourself:

PeerWise:  ‘supports students in the creation, sharing, evaluation and discussion of assessment questions…’   Builds on useful pedagogy

Certainty Based Marking:Certainty-based marking (in various forms) is many decades old. It has repeatedly been shown to stimulate more careful thinking and learning than simple (right/wrong) marking, and to provide more reliable assessments’

Measuring Musicality:  How musical are you?  Take a test and learn more about the background to it all.

Managing Paper Tests with Quizinator:  ‘Quizinator is an online resource library that organises and manages your assessment questions’.

Evernote – A Personal e-Portfolio Solution?   ‘Martin Hawksey revaluates Evernote as a potential e-Portfolio solution as the platform introduces additional functionality to the free service.’

Blackboard Quiz Generator:  ‘A simple tool that converts questions authored in Word or Notepad into a zip file that can be uploaded into a Blackboard VLE. Make sure to read the documentation first

And moving beyond assessment:
* A new search engine to help academics, students and the
general public navigate papers held in the UK’s open access repositories.  The Connecting Repositories tool or CORE, allows you to search the full text of items held in all 142 approved Open Access repositories.
Have a go:  [Note, I found the site down a few times when I first tried but have now had success so hopefully it’s up and standing solid …]

*Early Music Online:  ‘…treasures of 16th century music are now freely available

* And don’t forget the JISC Digital Collection – always worth a browse

*Funny where you get to:  Unst bus shelter


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