Strategy influences and snippets of news

* On to the start of the new term… the story so far….
The HE White paper:  putting students at the heart of the system
If you’ve managed to  miss it –  a longer than usual but well-earned holiday perhaps?  🙂 – you can’t fail to miss the fall out…
Welcomed by some, regarded by others as  a hidden bomb
Catch up on it all, including some of the comments and responses – there’s also still opportunity to respond…. read on:  The HE White paper

And responses from:
The Association of Colleges (AoC)
The 157 Group of Colleges
The 1994 Group of Universities
The UCU (Universities and Colleges Union)

* A particularly notable response –  The Free University of Liverpool
Foundation Degree in Culture and Performance
BA in Cultural Praxis
(thanks to John D. – of our RSC NW here – for spotting this one)

* More re-capping on the White Paper and related issues
– for catchup and reference:
Potential changes to the rules governing degree awarding powers
Changes to controls on student numbers
‘More power to HEFCE to tackle failings’
New arrangements for teaching funding 2012-13 and beyond
Policy statement: Provision of information about Higher Education

* Consultation on the White Paperopportunity to respond.  Deadline 20th Sept.
Other consultation on the go on the BIS site (Dept for Business, Innovation and Skills) as well, see this page

* Changes to the academic infrastructure…
Mentioned before, worth flagging up this report now – ‘The Quality Code will be used by QAA’s reviewers nationwide to provide reassurance that the academic standards and quality of higher education are comparable across the UK’
Read report here

New report by the HEA and JISC:
‘The value of reuse of open educational resources’
(more on OER – what are they all about? – in resources section)

The satisfaction rate for students studying at UK higher education institutions (HEIs) and further education colleges (FECs) remains high, with 83 per cent saying they are satisfied overall with their course in this year’s National Student Survey (NSS).  Read more

The Institute for Learning (IfL) has responded to an inquiry into the role of colleges in the community.  Read on

* ‘The Longitudinal Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education’
Survey – it’s all about HEIs…  though useful on a wider front, too, if you’re keeping your finger on the pulse…

Recruitment…  ‘Colleges use quirky, game-oriented microsites to recruit prospective students’.  See this blog, (it’s American).  This site an example of the recruitment approach they talk about.

* An interesting snip:  the next way forward for alternative information exchange and networking?  Read more about ‘Dead Drop’  (another thanks to John D – he gets into some interesting places!  :-))

Free access to Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning journal
– until October 1st
 Read more


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