Pick and Mix: resources, ideas and food for thought


* A bumper set of recordings of online sessions – particularly of those held these last couple of weeks on tools to help you teach 

* Cloud Computing and the Lawtoolkit
‘…an overview of the key legal areas of copyright, data protection and contract law’

*Report commisisoned by the HEA on HE in FE Pedagogy
An interesting collection of research and its key points, ‘selected to try to pick out where there are influences at play that may impact on the development of a pedagogic approach that relates to HE in FE’; together with useful links to publications on pedagogy in general.

* The Film and Sound Think Tank – on the use of sound and film in higher and further education.  Its progress report, that concludes with ten strategic recommendations is available here.

*BBC Motion Gallery – ’70 years of BBC content which has educated, informed and inspired the world’     Visit the site

* ‘Looking to transform your curriculum?
Information about the ‘Transforming Curriculum Delivery through Technology Programme’ together with links to a guide and programme related resources….  More

* Digital wardrobe shows UK’s changing lifestyles
‘The UK’s changing fashions … collected in a huge online wardrobe  …for the benefit of vintage enthusiasts, school pupils, social historians and academic researchers’  [knitted bikinis?!]

* Something on Referencing (thanks to Ali-Marie of Yorkshire and Humber RSC for original nudge about this!)

* What do you think of this as an idea?
MBA courses on Facebook
And continuing in this vein – New Social Software tries to make studying feel like Facebook

‘Visualising China 1850-1950:  an interactive resource
8.000 rare photos of Chinese life in the early twentieth century – a massive online archive

* ‘How to do research’ – designed with a particular audience in mind, but does this approach trigger ideas that might help with study skills…  My thanks to John D. here at RSC NW for showing me this – we reckon you could put one of these together in a number of ways, including powerpoint!  Worth a look.

Open Educational Resources – what are they all about?
An excellent overview  [there’s a HEA / JISC report out, too, on the value of re-use of OER in Higher Education]

* You recommend them… and recommend them… always worth returning to:  Ted Talks

*JISC Collectionslink to the free catalogue

* The World Digital Library  ‘makes available on the Internet, free of
charge and in multilingual format, significant primary materials from countries
and cultures around the world’.  Worth exploring if only to get a different cultural mix from the usual.


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Keeping in touch with HE: for HE in FE / HE staff. Oriented towards: *Staff Development - esp. relating to teaching, learning and scholarship. *Supporting student transition to HE level study and their engagement / progression. *Policy updates that have impact on the sector. *Links to partners and partner activities (like the Higher Education Academy)
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