Inserting audio into Word

By request …at the Blackpool and Blackburn Colleges’ meeting yesterday Deb enthused about inserting audio comments into WORD documents…

Here’s how to do it.  [At the bottom I’ve also added a link to some useful directions by the Uni of Southampton – though their starting instructions differ – use whichever works for you!]

1. Click the Office Button.
[That’s the big windows icon button in the very top left when in Microsoft Word]
2. Click on the  ‘Word Options’  button
3. Click  ‘Customize’
4. Click the drop-down arrow of the  ‘Choose Commands From’  box and select ‘Commands Not In Ribbon’. At which point (if like me when I first found these) you are amazed to find what’s hidden here!
5. Scroll to and select  ‘Insert Voice’
6. Click the  ‘Add’  button, and then click  ‘OK’.
Now the  ‘Insert Voice’ button [aka ‘insert sound object’] will be available for you to add voice comments to any Word 2007 document. 
However, if your experience is like mine you then won’t be able to find where the  voice button has been located …  Try looking on the very top ribbon on the page if it doesn’t obviously appear somewhere for you – the icon looks like an old fashioned cassette tape.  Mine got located next to the undo / redo actions arrows.

You can make recordings direct to your pc. 
Click on the  ‘Insert Voice’  icon and have a play with the recorder that pops up.   You can probably record ok without a plug-in mic using the one inbuilt in your computer but probably better for quality and playback to use a headset.  

It’s a simple step now to open your students’ assignments to mark… and where you might annotate with text comments (i.e. by choosing ‘Review’  from the top ribbon and then clicking on the  ‘New Comment’  icon),  instead of typing your comment you click on your  ‘Insert Voice’  icon. 
There’s also the option to insert other audio files via the recorder ….

Note there is a size issue – 60 seconds per comment, but you can add a number of comments.  Think also about the final size of file that you return to your students! 
This site  gives you instructions as well as more information on sound quality and file attributes…


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2 Responses to Inserting audio into Word

  1. I’m a big fan of audio feedback and it seems to be a medium that the majority of student really like (I captured an audio clip of some of their views here

    Another way of doing this and if you have a license for Adobe Professional is to attached audio comments in a pdf document. The big advantages are it is embedded as part of the pdf (no separate files) and you can lock the document, so it’s a fixed version of the assignment and feedback. An example is included here



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