More events…events …events… May, June, July…

SS Aughton Woods 2.5.11

*There’s a free event going on in Edinburgh on May 20th  – Open for Education (free tools, services and resources) – but Scotland is not as close as it should be (well to us in the Northwest anyway! :-)) and if you can’t make it to this event, you might like all the same to take advantage of this opportunity brought to us by Martin Hawksey [JISC RSC Scotland North and East ] who’s running a session that will be streamed live at 12.00 on 20th
App, App and Away: Using Google Forms for self-grading quizzes  and more.
            ‘In this session participants will learn how Google Forms can be used  
            for self-
grading quizzes and get a glimpse of how common tasks can be
           automated using Google Apps Script’ 
[Post Script from Martin – they will also be streaming the keynote and seminar 1:  more details on their Open for Education website.]

1) Scholarly Activity HE in FE: Practical support workshop
24 May – Birmingham Metropolitan College
2) HE in FE Enhancement Programme Research Workshops: Everything to do with Data – a guide to using data in social research
2 June – City and Islington College, London

*I’ve flagged up the SOLSTICE / CLTR conference at Edge Hill [8th/9th June] before, but as it approaches it’s worth being reminded.  The combination of these two brings us:
day 1 with an elearning focus  (8th June) – with a really interesting line-up!
and day 2 with a focus on innovation and development in higher education learning and teaching practice (9th June)
More details

* As promised, here’s more detail of the LSRN [Learning and Skills Research Network]  Research Symposium that’s being held in conjunction with Blackburn College on 11th July, 1-4 with a buffet lunch from 12.15
Have a browse – an informal sharing of research around a range of topics including ‘The efficacy of e-portfolios for both learner and practitioner…‘ and ‘Is intervention necessary for racial integration in the classroom?’ to ‘The professional identity-ies of the FE teacher’

*A series of national workshops around Developing Digital Literacies (Developing Learners and Learner Organisations for the 21st century).  Organised by JISC
London (May), Birmingham (June) , Manchester (Sept), Bristol (Oct).  More information


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  1. Hi – thanks for promoting Open for Education. I can now confirm we’ll be streaming the keynotes and Seminar 1 in parallel A, B and C. More details will appear on the open for education site


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