Resources – collecting evidence; critical thinking; Jorum’s latest pick…and more

*I went to a workshop the other week on Critical Thinking – led by Jenny Moon of the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice.  If you’re not already familiar with her work it’s well worth taking a look at the range of ideas and resources she has developed, from reflective learning, learning outcomes (linking levels, learning outcomes and assessment criteria), learning journals through to critical thinking…  click on the link above to get to see it all.

[One of Jenny’s papers on criticality and critical thinking is available on the ESCalate web pages ]

See this link to a blog about using evernote for Evidence  While this is focussed on primary teaching there is, of course, wider application -perhaps and particularly Teacher Education…   To quote:  “One side effect of this method of collecting evidence is that with video you can go beyond simply collecting evidence of outcomes, to documenting the learning process…”
[My thanks (again) to Martin H of RSC Scotland N&E for re-tweeting this one!]

*JORUM’s latest pick of resources is based around transport and engineering:
1.Introduction to the major materials used in aeronautical and automotive structures
2.The Tay Bridge disaster
3. A presentation aimed at HNC year 1, looks at some commonly used techniques to ensure that assembly is cost effective and efficient – this links then to the use of jigs and fixtures.
4. A brief introduction to the product development process and systematic design
….  For more, graze the Jorum site to find what else is there…

*Online Educational Research Journal (OERJ)
OERJ is an entirely internet-based educational research journal available to anyone who can access the web and all articles can be read and downloaded online. Anybody can submit articles as well as comment on and rate what’s there…  Visit the site for more info.
(NB More journals listed in the Research and Scholarly Activity Moodle…)

*In the middle of the snows last December Chris Jones paid a visit to Lancaster University to talk about the project he has been working on with the Open University: 
The Net Generation encountering e learning …’The overall aim of the research is to provide an empirically based understanding of young students, often called the Net Generation or Digital Natives, as they first engage with e-learning in tertiary education’. 
Take a look at the web site for more.
The event was also made available remotely via Adobe Connect and there’s a recording of it available here.

*  Want some inspiration on ways to use Twitter for teaching?  A history tutor talks on YouTube about her experiment. 

* This website has so much potential to tap into it in different ways – take a look at the Newspaper site
My thanks to RSC John Dalziel for this – and also for this last one: –

*A bit of fun courtesy of Ronnie Corbett and YouTube 🙂


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