News and update (Jan 2011)

*Grant announcement for Higher Education 2011-12 received at HEFCE.  You’ll perhaps have seen this by now?  Snuck in just before the Christmas break.  HEFCE will deliberate on the implications at its meeting on 28th January… and then grants coming to Colleges and Universities will be announced on 16th March.

*JISC on air radio show: 
Online Distance  Learning: whose future?
24mins –  discussion: 
‘Is online distance learning a real solution for today’s higher education funding, capacity and recruitment issues?  ….How do you capture the full experience of HE, with all the personal growth and development that this entails, via a web browser?  Who is looking for online learning, and what do they want?’  Link to JISC blog  (scroll down the page for the recording of the show)

*’Almost 230,000 university applicants will not secure a place at university this year because of record demand and the government’s refusal to fund extra places. New figures from the applications service, UCAS, released last Tuesday (4th Jan) revealed that record numbers of people are trying to get a university place before higher fees are introduced in 2012′.  Read Guardian article.

*If your thing is Quality Assurance then you will be interested in the latest from the QAAConsultation on proposed changes to the Academic Infrastructure. 
Perhaps nothing partic. to rock the boat, but well presented and accessible 🙂
Join in the consultation by March 1st

*While funding for Aim Higher is due to end in 2011, the role of Schools, Colleges and Universities in supporting its aims remains crucial… 
December 2010 report reveals Aim Higher summer school participants more likely to progress to Higher Education...

* A revised public information set for Higher Education:  a consultation is going on about making available public information on HE provision.   What information and where should it appear?  Join in the consultation from Dec- 7 March.  Outcomes to be published in the summer 2011. 

*The UCU (Universities and College Union) provide a Policy News Update that can be handy in alerting to key issues that may not be getting addressed via other News sites – it also provides links to other useful sources.  The one up at time of posting is dated November and is the latest up on the site right now – covers information of relevance to a range of sectors. 

*Willetts: “new qualification is an extra rung on the ladder of opportunity…”  News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 14 December 2010 – ‘David Willetts today welcomed a new BTEC degree’.
This looks a significant development…

*Seb Schmoller of the Association for Learning Technology talks about what he sees as important for the FE sector at this time see the FE News website
Change in funding methodology (away from the guided learning hour) is noted as a pre-requisite for change for the better in use of ICT for learning…


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Keeping in touch with HE: for HE in FE / HE staff. Oriented towards: *Staff Development - esp. relating to teaching, learning and scholarship. *Supporting student transition to HE level study and their engagement / progression. *Policy updates that have impact on the sector. *Links to partners and partner activities (like the Higher Education Academy)
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