A lot of strategy matters for HE in FE / HE (Nov-Dec)


* Do you know about THE Northwest Regional Forum for Managers of HE in FE – opportunities to network / collaborate / tap into activities and information.  Includes two full day events.
Contact Sandra at Qepltd@ntlworld.com to find out more / and join up.

* The Higher Education Academy (HEA) is to review the professional standards framework
Browne’s report emphasised the importance of teacher training… what are the implications for HE in FE of recommendations that the HEA should accredit such training when they don’t recognise QTLS?  See this site.  And join in the consultation here

* The HEA restructuring means an end to the Subject Centres as we know them and a more centralised set up.  Reduced resources are the context.  What will the implications be for HE in FE?  While Colin Rainey of the HEA has indicated continued support, how much is there to go round?  See the HEA pages for news so far.

* AOC (Association of Colleges) president predicts the future of HE in FE
see the video
Rising to the challenge:  how FE colleges are key to the future of HE
-policy paper of the 157 Group of colleges produced, by the look of it, in collaboration with the Mixed Economy Group of colleges – published in October (before the Browne Review)available here.

* Managing Students’ Expectations 
‘…helping students learn and research as much as possible about their institutions and courses before enrolling, makes them less likely to consider dropping out… ‘  These Case Studies show the different ways this is being carried out, including interaction with the views of current students…  see here for more

* For sure, this isn’t news to you, but here’s the latest HEFCE’s  statement on
the end of AIM HIGHER

* Evaluation of Lifelong Learning Networks
– report shows that they have achieved well against their objectives…  see more

*And a taste of things to come?  Fast food chain McDonald’s has launched a foundation degree as the company seeks to become a major provider of HE and FESee the FE News page

*This looks a useful site if you’re in need of an overview on Policy and Learning thanks to Sybil L. for this!  🙂

* Curiously at this time we have the final report out from HEFCE on Public Perceptions of the benefits of Higher Education carried out by Ipsos MORI.  This follows the Summary Report that came out in September and gives detail of the survey that was carried out between 31 July and 6 August 2010.  Notably, when asked whether government funding for HE should increase, decrease or stay the same compared to 2009, four in five (80%) of respondents say that funding should either increase or stay the same...

* 2010 National Survey of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in HE
Not sure whether this survey will set you on fire, but significant progress is reported in engaging students and supporting entrepreneurship.  Read it here

* Employer Responsive Provision survey – A reflective report
By the QAA – read it here


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Keeping in touch with HE: for HE in FE / HE staff. Oriented towards: *Staff Development - esp. relating to teaching, learning and scholarship. *Supporting student transition to HE level study and their engagement / progression. *Policy updates that have impact on the sector. *Links to partners and partner activities (like the Higher Education Academy)
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