Resources… and inspiration (Nov)

 This month a mixed bunch:
*Latest JISC TechDis update – You’ll have seen me mention these online updates in my earlier news bundles.   Well now there’s a recording of the last one – it’s actually more watchable than you might think 🙂 and if you’ve not taken part in online ‘webinars’ it’s a chance to get to see what they’re like.  [You can navigate your own way through if you’re short on time] Gives you the latest on issues relating to accessiblity and inclusion – and includes update on all sorts of useful gadgets and ideas.

*Safeguarded use of social networking technologies
If you’ve been concerned with the need to communicate better with students but are concerned about issues of safeguarding – and privacy – with the use of social networking technologies, you should find this case study useful.  Regardless of whether this matches your context, there are ideas here that anyone could apply – interesting that improved communication improved attendance….

*Word Clouds.  Well, you’ve probably seen these about a bit but that doesn’t make them any less fascinating or worth reminding you about. Word Clouds dig through passages of text and organise it in such a way to give ‘greater prominence to words that appear more frequently’.  Dead easy to use.  Gives quick insight into the preoccupations of large reports (or those assignments?!) and they’re pretty! 🙂

*Thinking about what some of you have been working on lately, Voice Thread allows you to comment 0n images, documents and videos via voice, text, audio file or video…  Great for giving feedback / response on a range of media.  See the website for more.

*Create&Convert:  latest addition from RSC Scotland North & East to the EduApps suite of free software ….’Create&Convert is a tool that can take documents in common electronic formats and turn them into ‘epubs’ or talking books.  In so doing, it’s a tool that learning providers can use to support learners who are print-impaired or experience difficulties with reading and who prefer to access content in a flexible and multi-sensory format’.

*Top 100 tools for learning
During 2010 545 learning professionals from around the world shared their top ten tools for learning….  Visit the website for the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies to find out what they are.

*Find out more about the Blackpool project to develop online materials to support progression from FE to HE English Programmes on this HEA website

Inclusion Research syntheses – findings on key topics drawn together by these HEA EvidenceNet reports.  Number of titles going back to 2008 (including Student Retention and Success), those from 2010 include Inclusive learning and teaching in Higher Education, Disability equality in HE and Social Class and HE


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Keeping in touch with HE: for HE in FE / HE staff. Oriented towards: *Staff Development - esp. relating to teaching, learning and scholarship. *Supporting student transition to HE level study and their engagement / progression. *Policy updates that have impact on the sector. *Links to partners and partner activities (like the Higher Education Academy)
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